Cancer Update: changes esp the hair

So since the beginning I knew I would lose a breast, have a scar, wear a prosthetic breast and have a wig because I would lose my hair.

On the whole I have been accepting of all of this and haven’t been bothered until this week when my hair vacated.

I feel like I am over the surgeries and have got used to just about everything apart from the bald head.  It’s like looking at a stranger in the mirror.

Give it another week and I won’t be able to imagine myself with hair. Of all the things this has been the hardest thing to deal with.

Sometimes you think you know how it will be and then it doesn’t pan out at all. Anyway. Not miserable about it just conflicted about whether to shave it off immediately, (like I said I would), or not. Not won as it came out evenly all over and I was OK until yesterday when I finally shaved the last bits off.

It started with a sunburn sensation last week. A friend of mine had pins and needles when hers fell out, but just like my post op sensation, it felt like sunburn.

I brushed the loose hair out twice a day. from Wednesday it started as just a lot of loose hair. I didn’t wash it but soon got fed up of pulling it off scarves and clothes. I had it cut short to give it more bulk and managed for the weekend with a short bob. Good job as I was visiting family. By Sunday night it was huge clumps coming out on the comb. By Monday; just in time for chemo;  the wig had to come out as I was starting to look very thin on top.

It is an odd sensation. My head is warm but there feels to be a constant draft at the back of my neck. I am having hot flushes so sometimes I want to whip off my hat or wig. I can’t face that yet though. Got to get used to the new look.

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