Cancer update – Finally feeling ok

I have been under the weather for weeks  but this weekend I turned a corner. I am still feeling rough, like I still have a mild hangover, but I have more energy.

Last night I felt it was time to get off my butt and I went for a short walk. It took 20 minutes and it was great. Not raining but windy. Very refreshing.

Today I did a few chores, went for a walk and then out again to friends house for a chat. I walked to hers as well.

It is now 2am and I am full of my usual ideas about how I can regain some fitness and achieve some of the goals I set for myself a month or two ago about losing weight, getting the house sorted and suchlike.

Now I know that it is likely that I wake up in the morning all horrible again, but if I don’t I will be writing a small exercise and activity list for the next few days to get me started.

Today is Monday and by tonight I hope to have my new wig, ready for when I lose my hair in a few weeks.

Victoria Derbyshire has released the second part of her diary. Her experience mirrors much of the mine. She has very ably put into words what I can’t so I have posted her video here.

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