Cancer Update: Chemotherapy 1

So on Monday I had the first session of chemotherapy. The hospital visit was very smooth and I was in and out withing an hour.

For the first three sessions I will be having something called FEC (florouracil, epirubicin and cyclophosphamide) and the second three it is Taxotere. the whole treatment is called FECT for short.

As you can imagine; I was nervous. I have a great history for vomiting and seeing as this is one of the common expected side effects I thought I might walk out of the hospital with a vomit bowl.

As it happens I had my treatment directly through the PICC line from a range of 6 huge syringes and I felt fine. My husband could not be with me but picked me up and took me home. Within an hour I was fast asleep but OK.

My wee was red as promised for a few days.

In fact on Tuesday I felt so well I did loads of washing and went out to the theatre in the evening.

Wednesday I was fine but very tired an slept most of the day. not a surprise. The surprise was that I started throwing up on Thursday morning. I hadn’t taken any of the ant sickness pills that I had been issued with so I am sure I didn’t help myself. By evening the nausea had gone off and I ate tea.

Today I have been out and about but tiredness is still affecting me but I am OK nausea wise. I have taken the ant sickness meds and also started injecting myself with the white cell booster which will help keep away infection and reduce delays in the next chemo session.

I have no doubt that I got off lightly and feel OK enough to plan to go to lunch with a friend on Tuesday after my Feel Good Look Great Session.

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