Cancer update – Where have i been?

You may well ask.

Since last I wrote everything sort of went pear shaped. It started about two weeks after the lymph node clearance and a vomiting bug. I had been in to try some wigs on in the morning but by afternoon I had gone cold and shivery. Ice cold inside and I couldn’t move. By nightfall I was throwing up horribly. By morning the vomiting had stopped but I still felt rubbish.

This was Monday 19th October. On the 22nd I went to see the oncologist about chemo.  I had seroma and a bit of a red area so she started me on some prophylactic antibiotics in the hope it would clear up and we could get chemo started

After that I just went downhill. My wound swelled up; doubled in size almost over night and then started leaking. The redness spread to my remaining breast and hurt like crazy. I had already seen the Breast care nurses a few days before but ended up going back for a drainage of the seroma. The wound has still not not gone down as there is still oedema ( a fluid collection in the tissues that can’t be drained). After the drainage things settled down.

It took two weeks to feel anywhere right. I was miserable, HAD to rest, had to pace. I suspect this is will how it will be on chemotherapy at times.

Friday I saw the oncologist again and she is happy to start chemotherapy. I had a PICC line put in and so i won’t have to be suffering cannula and needles as they can take blood off and give chemo drugs this route.

Today is first chemo day and my lift has just arrived. Wish me luck.

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