Current Themes – An Update

Due to the all consuming diagnosis of Breast Cancer I have it seems put the rest of my life on hold. However life has gone one will continue to go on and as I readjust to a new lifestyle for a while I thought I would review my current concerns.

Health and Fitness:

So an obvious starting point. My physical health has took a knock although I do not view myself as ill. I have had two surgeries requiring general anaesthetic in the last five weeks. I have lost muscle tone, general fitness and have lower energy levels. This week is the start of a new fitness plan to build up overall fitness. Over the weekend I walked a mile, did some food shopping, spent some time at my allotment and attended a hedgelaying project. The latter was more in support than work as I am still sore. I only stayed for an hour and transported some light branches to the burning pile with my good arm. It was enough I have a fixed series of stretch exercises for my post mastectomy care.

This week I am looking at some light exercise videos to do maybe three times over the next seven days plus walking on the other days. I do not want to put on any weight and preferably lose it, (not guaranteed by the way). I have had to learn the fine art of pacing or I tire myself out too much and am good for nothing.

In a months time I start chemotherapy. I want to be as fit as I can be both physically and mentally. This week I am also batch cooking iron and protein rich food for the freezer. I am also looking at multivitamins to boost me.

This month I am also going to be finalising my wig, getting new glasses and having my teeth cleaned.

I am also planning for chemotherapy which I will no doubt write about in a separate post

Making Money: Making money has been put on hold for now. I have had some costs related to cancer –  new mattress for the spare room, button up clothes. We have just spent £600.00 on the car and since the start of this we have decorated the porch and fully replaced the bathroom. It looks like the kitchen will be next.

My long term goal remains unchanged and savings I started earlier in the year for travelling have continued. Slush money is tight so luckily I have been spending less because of surgery and friends wanting to look after me. I haven’t overpaid the mortgage for the last two months and see I won’t for another month at least. If I am off by the end of march I will go onto half pay so any savings will have to stop. I am fortunate that I don’t spend to the max and can do without just under half my wage if necessary. I am not worried about money just now.

I am glad that I started thinking about money a few years ago. If I had not I would have no savings and have to relay on my husband much more. Financial independence is essential to me and I want to keep my self that way for as long as possible.

Prepping: Well emergency prepping has been put on hold because it seems I am prepping by stage at the moment. Right now the next stage is chemotherapy. I am gathering information, questions, tips and things. I am creating a bag for chemo trips to hospital, an overnight bag in case I get an infection requiring urgent admission to hospital, building fitness and changing my mindset. Prepping for me isn’t just about physical need but also psychological need – namely feeling of control and understanding of the situation as I go.

Decluttering and Minimising: Since the start of the cancer roller coaster I have continued to bit by bit declutter. I now find that certain areas of the house are much easier to clean which saves energy but makes what were longer jobs now easily achievable. Over my time off I hope to have been in every draw and cupboard and clearing them out. By the time I go back to work the house will be a lot lighter and so will I.

Personal Growth: Cancer is bad but out of all bad stuff comes good. I am an eternal optimist most of the time. I have had my moments of misery, who wouldn’t? I have cried and felt sorry for my self but in truth the big picture is looking good. If you said to me at the beginning of the year I would be transformed I would not have believed you, but transforming I am. I will post more on this subject as I develop my thoughts.

So there it is. Current themes updated. I could have written so much more on each. Over the next few weeks I will look at each more closely and try to quantify and explain how I feel.

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