Cancer update – busy but tired

This last week had been a roller coaster of visits and visiting. I have been out to eat several times, met people for coffee. It is the life I would like to lead (without getting fat) should I ever give up work.

So the wig trying went very well. it was a revelation as I looked better than I do with my own hair. I am having someone come a week on Tuesday to try more and then there is one more avenue to try before I make a final choice.

I took a friend with me who took pictures. My friends and family have become polarised on the best one of the three I have pictures for so far. I am happy with the blond one everyone likes but my DH and DD do not like it at all and want a brown one.

The wound remains sticky and won’t dry out. I have picked up my prescription for antibiotics to start tomorrow in time for surgery on Tuesday. My prescription exemption card has arrived so no more paying £8.40 for anything for the next 5 years.

Seroma is increasing and I now have the makings of a very small boob. Not quite a handful yet. I am getting some soreness where it is starting to stretch the skin and hope for a bit to be drained off during my op next week.

I have been into work to keep them updated.

I have been down the allotment but have been too tired to do more than 20 minutes work at a time. on Thursday I came home because I felt so bad and had a rest day on Friday. This is the way it has to be despite the frustration. Tiredness will be a theme: two aneasthetics, healing and then chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I am not expecting to feel OK until  a year after the end of treatment – talking July 2017.

It is a small price to pay to live and I will live with it happily eventually. I am usually so busy it is hard to be forced to sit and do virtually nothing

So this is the final update before the lymph node clearance on Tuesday. I admit to a bit of nervousness and worry about how my arm pit is going to feel seeing as it still feels very sore (like sunburn) at the moment.

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