Post Op report – Part One

Well it is 12 days since my op and I thought I should post an update. The op went well and I got home after an overnight stay with one drain. I had done a fair amount of preparations before hand and so didn’t fear looking at the wound which goes from my sternum in a long smile to a curl in my under arm. It is all held together by a running stitch which is dissolvable and glue. The wound is dry and bruised even now but it is getting better.

Pain wise it hasn’t been too bad and I soon learnt to take my pain killers half an hour before the exercises which started the very next day.

A lot of the sensations I have had are not painful, just odd. I have an odd sunburnt sensation across my chest and under my arm which has made wearing bras unbearable if I am doing anything. Desensitisation by gently passing different fabrics over the area should help I am told.

Then there is the feeling of something under the skin. imagine the bubble you get under wallpaper that moves as you touch it. It is like that and of course the drain didn’t help. Finally when doing the exercises it feels like I have two layers of sunburn rubbing together inside and my wound has a different sensation ; imagine two fingers stuck together with glue and that sensation when they are pulled apart with a bit of soreness thrown in.

All these feelings have improved over time. My drain is now out but it was a pain in the bum I left it behind once or twice, the vacuum kept going off and the bottle was changed 5 times over the seven days it was in. If you cut yourself on the outside you would press on it to stop the bleeding but you can’t do this on the inside of the wound so the drain takes away any blood.

Overall the whole experience has been good so far. Just remember that you will be tired, that the anaesthetic blues hit for a few days after day 5. Mine hit on the very day I received my results from my consultant for tests done on the sentinal node and breast lump.

More on that in part 2..

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