Not long now to Op day

This week has been amazingly busy. Monday was spent at the hospital having a pre-op assessment.

This involved lots of questions about everything from my sleep pattern to my bowels.

After this, just for breast cancer sufferers, another trip to the breast unit to have a talk with Physio about post op exercises, Breast Care Nurse Specialist and to have my arms measured for a baseline in case of lymphoedema. I told I am unlikely to develop lymphoedema because I am not having full lymph node clearance, just a sentinel node biopsy with my mastectomy.

On Tuesday I met up with a friend who is over most of her treatment for breast cancer which included a mastectomy. She is on tablets now. She gave me lots helpful advice about after the op but also about how she felt. I may not feel the same but its a perspective I didn’t have.

I finished work today. I did feel a bit emotional but not so bad. I have tidied all the loose ends up and finished some projects. My work colleagues took me out to lunch and so a nice ending. They have been brilliant.

At home the porch is finished and we have a new front door. It took longer than planned because the floor took and age to clean and then seal.The rest of the house is getting clear and clean and i got a replacement mattress for the spare room. I must have lay on over 100 beds at out local out of town shopping area. The mattress I got was not the most expensive but it was the most uncomfortable. The spare room is not clear but certainly better.

The main area of concern for me is the kitchen now and then loading of the van for a week away in the morning with husband, daughter and two of her friends.

Overall things are going as planned. I am feeling OK about the op, but will be nervous as the time approaches. I don’t particularly fear the surgery. I have had worst surgery wise. it is how I will be after: what will I look like, how will my husband take it, how bad is it? These things have no answer and are out of my control so we will see.

I will be back again in a few weeks once better. See you then.

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