The worst sort of news

I have been off the ‘puter lately. Much to do with it being too nice to sit inside and other people hogging the machine but also because of a worry.

I had a lump in my left breast and it didn’t go away. A few weeks ago I had a mammogram, scan and 2 biopsies. I was pretty sure it was bad news just by the difficulty she had getting the sample.  As it happens I have definitely got breast cancer!

The consultant can’t tell me what stage it is, whether it is a fast or slow growing one but it is big enough for me to have a mastectomy on the 1st of September. this seems like a long way away and I could have had it done the Monday the week before but I am away on holiday and I am not cancelling.

How I am feeling? well funnily enough I feel mostly OK. I had been and looked at the interweb about all things related before the appointment and I had spoken to quite a few people about it, one who works in cancer care and one who has had breast cancer recently. This helped enormously. The consultant has said the chances are good that I will live to  a ripe old age because of there being no family history of breast cancer and my age. I will know more on the 10th September when I get my results. I am reasonably optimistic.

So I am now in limbo until the operation and will be going to work as normal and just doing a bit of prep so I don’t worry about the state of my house or whether there is food in the house. I have a great bunch of friends who are there for me if I need them. I don’t yet but I will be calling on them should I feel the need.

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One Response to The worst sort of news

  1. Allie Moon says:

    Very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Wishing you all the best for your op and a speedy recovery – enjoy your holiday too! Xx

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