Current Themes: An Update

Health and Fitness: No movement on this one although I have been away to the US for two weeks and not put any weight on. I ate breakfast every day but not a huge amount. Eating out was the big one really. Not eating everything offered; making sure your order was correct as any time it wasn’t it was more food and cost more. We were not as active as we thought we might be but the temperatures were way above where my energy levels sag. It was an average of 37 degrees in California. I didn’t sleep so well due to hot flushes and the heat. I run better at 23 degrees. Back in the UK and back  to the allotment and going to try out the fast exercise thing mentioned last month that I didn’t do.

Making Money: I spent all my available cash while away but got paid too so my super plan for savings has continued although it won’t be so much this month. Need to get back on the wagon with selling stuff and doing the free money things which take about an hour a day.

Prepping: before I went on holiday I did my piles for emergency bags for work, car etc. Will finish off this week so I can get them in place. The piles are cluttering the place up.

Decluttering and Minimising: Got a lot cleared last month despite being away for three weeks of it. Have put away all the holiday stuff and will get back into to the little and often approach that has worked best for me plus getting stuff out of the house as I go. As soon as I get a pile in the hallway the house starts looking messy and motivation goes down hill.

Personal growth: I have been off for a few weeks and the confidence levels always drop before I go back. I did pretty well before I went away so I am going back with my power stance and sharper approach. I feel another analysis of where I am at coming on. I really realised that I didn’t want to work in a regular job if I didn’t have to.

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