Current Themes: An Update

Health and Fitness: I have not been doing so well at the weight loss or fitness as I would have hoped. I find that as soon as I get tired, and that is often, things fall by the wayside.  I am continually starting each day afresh but often fail by the end of it.

Some things I have noted though: If I go to bed early and don’t read for hours I feel better the next day (No Sh*t Sherlock  I hear you say while rolling your eyes up!)

If I eat less I have more energy. I often eat when tired because I think it will give me energy. It just makes me tired, especially if I eat carbohydrate laden food. I have a love of bread and often have hot buttered toast when I come in from work; soon after I am tired and need a nap.

If I don’t breakfast. I eat more rubbish over the day. In fact if I eat a solid ‘Full English’ breakfast I don’t need to eat a great deal at lunch. I can’t face breakfast when working however. I think this is something I am going to have to get over.

Exercise:  I haven’t been doing anything formal and have been sluggish to the point of slothfulness again, except when I am on my allotment where sometimes I can actually get out of puff. I have been reading with interest  a book by Dr Micheal Moseley (of the 5:2 diet fame) about intense short bursts of exercise and how they can be as good as committed exercise regimes. In ‘Fast Exercise‘ he encourages fitting short sharp moments of exercise in to your day several times as week rather than considering it as a separate item. Yesterday I walked at a faster pace into work from the car park. This 15 minute walk lasted 12 minutes and I could do it even faster with practice. I did the stairs several times and speed walked back to the car. I definitely felt more awake for it. I will give it a go for a few week and will report back next month.

Making Money: Nothing done on this as paying for a holiday abroad later in the month. Spending it seems to be more of a priority although I am really being frugal at the moment.

Prepping: I got some more things together to go in my back packs. Picked up a book from the library and Oxfam about survival. Also looking at home made medicines.

Decluttering and Minimising: Making some progress with this. A lot more books are gone along with some of my white and blue ornaments which I don’t love. I am donating to my Mil’s church  fair next week, my allotments fair also next week and charity shops. I took a pile into Oxfam today as I was near it but I often donate to my local ones; MIND, Lighthouse, Cancer Research and Age UK. Oxfam actually sell old books which is great. My Cancer Research research shop is the reason I have so many books. They used to chuck any which were a bit tatty, had writing in etc. I used to raid their skip and then bookcross a lot of them. I stopped book crossing some time ago, just through lack of time. I hope to get back to it eventually. The thing is. Now the books have started to go I want them all gone. I did take the shelves to my Mil by the way, and she was very grateful for them.

Personal growth: Finally this week I have been looking at myself again and wondering how I could be better. I know my failings alright. I know  my good bits mostly. What I want to do is deal with my main problem in that I lack confidence so badly that I am anxious about stuff that hasn’t happened. This week I saw an on line lecture from a woman about the science of confidence and how it affects everything we do. The nice thing about this lecture was that this woman was a success and had been for a long time but felt unworthy, that she was a fraud and shouldn’t bet where she was. She put into words so eloquently my own feelings about me. She talked about posture and power posture (not slumping), how we make ourselves small and  the effect it has on our body chemistry. It was fascinating. The main message was that 2 minutes in a power pose can actually make you seem and feel more confident I have been practicing this at work and it does seem to have been working. It does take energy which takes me back to fitness and tiredness.

You cannot sort one thing without effect. A human is not a machine. In the next few weeks I am going to concentrate on three things: Power posing, intense short burst exercise and sleep.

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