Like Right Now: Two Less Things

I am going though a period of revaluation right now. I am reevaluating goals, life, my house and wants and needs. Part of this is the move towards decluttering. I have been looking at lots of blogs on this. Some are about just clearing out and taking control, some go further towards minimalism. Certainly I am looking round right now and realise that I have too much stuff I don’t need, want, that makes me miserable and sucks my positive energy right out. I am talking about the spare room of doom, the craft supplies for tasks never started, boxes to go in the loft that never get there. you get the picture.

One of my key inspirations right now is the blog: ‘Two Less Things’

I aspire to the minimalist approach but may never get there, I don’t feel comfortable when a place is too tidy. It won’t stop me trying though.

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