Current Themes-an update

Health and Fitness:  Moving more and eating less rubbish, mostly. Weight is hovering around the 14 stone mark. this is still heavy but it has hovered at 14 and a half to 15 stone for years. It is a thrill to get on the scales and see that and I have lost weight; in response I have been avoiding cake and bad stuff. usually at this point I seem to say ‘OK, you have lost some weight now you can stop thinking about it’. This time I feel differently

For a while I was eating badly at the weekend and being ‘good ‘ in the week but I am moving away from that now. For instance: today being Sunday I often got to McDonald’s on the way to the allotment. Instead I am having cereal and taking a sandwich. I have a friend who I have buddied up with to lose weight. We have been supporting each other and it has been helping us both. Neither of us want to follow rigid rules or have anyone breathing down our necks.

Looking forward to the day when I go into town to buy smaller clothes.

Making Money: This target has fallen off my radar lately. I have lost interest in all the activities I did to bring in extra cash. I think some of this is because I would rather be outside doing stuff than in while the sun is shining. We are going away to the US at the end of June and all my savings have gone to that holiday. After that I will be working on the year off and paying the small mortgage. I am still managing to save £300.00 a month still, so not so bad.

Prepping: Over the last month I have collected items for bags to be located at different places in case of emergency.

These are one for work, the allotment and one for the car.

They each contain a bottle of water, some long on date snacks, a change of clothing, a fleece blanket, a small first aid kit and painkiller plus some regular meds I take. I will be adding a sewing kit and knife to each in due course as well as matches, firelighters, rolls of string and a small amount of cash. I want to be able to walk from where I am to home in an emergency e.g. if the bus services aren’t working and my car is broken down. It is about 8 miles by road from work.

My allotment is about a mile away from work and I am setting it up so I can sleep over at need. I have a wood burner and couscous over there plus spare water and snacks. Need to add a sleeping bag and roll mat (doing today) but could manage without.

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