Pestering Charities – Stop it now!

I have just read this on the BBC website.

This is by no means an isolated incident. My in laws have been similarly pestered. Half of my FiL income was spent on over 20 charity direct debits and he was in debt with rent. MiL had 15 charity direct debits and also incurred debts because of it. They were getting hundreds of calls a month despite being on the telephone preference scheme so were increasing direct debit donations up and then whenever a mailshot came, they sent a cheque off too. There were hundreds of letters a month.

We have halved this now but it was overwhelming caused no end of stress. Luckily they had me and my husband to help them out.

I feel very sad for this lady who at the end of her life had so much stress. Sadly the only answer from the Fundraising Standards Board is the get your name on the phone and mail preference scheme. I can tell you now it doesn’t work that well; sometimes your details fall off and keep having to be renewed.

Many charities have a box that had to be ticked if you DON’T want details passed on to ‘our trusted partners’ . This should be an opt in. Surely there must be other answers out there. No charity would want it’s supporters to go into debt.

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