Holiday time

I haven’t been here or a bit because I have been away and then of course got a horrible cold.

I can thoroughly recommend north Devon for a break, We (DH, DD and I), stayed in a pretty basic cottage attached to a working farm. The front door led right into the farmyard. It isn’t everyone’s idea of fun but it was fine for us. The farm was down a unmetaled unkept road surrounded by very high hedges.

Both DH and Dd have been suffering from all sorts of bugs for weeks. Out fitness training has stopped. While we are away the illness continued but towards the end of the week when I also went down with it. Despite this we had a good time.

We stayed near Barnstaple, I nice but very long town with and indoor market on most days. One of my favourite places to go in these towns are the charity shops. There are lot in Barnstaple. We spent a day in the town and loved it.

The next day was Easter Sunday. We went into town and ate at an Italian restaurant called Prezzos. It was a bit more expensive than what usually spend but very good service and lovely food.

Moday we went for a short walk in the country side. We usually go further than a mile but the others were ill and these miles are the country sort: up and down and round twisty roads.


These hedgerows are filled with wild flowers all waiting to bloom. On our walk we could see at least 10 different plants including wild strawberry.

Later in the week we went to Ilfracombe. A small seaside town that like many in the uk is built on steep hills. One of the attractions in Ilfracombe is the statue named Verity. A pregnant nake woman with sword and balancing scales facing out to see. Very impressive but also odd. One side is whole, the other is peeled away to reveal feotus and flesh. A bit gruesome. verity was the designed by Damien Hurst so I shouldn’t be so shocked.

P1030499 P1030511a

Our last day out was to Lynmouth where we had a lovely cream tea.

All in all we had a fab week away despite it being one of the least active holidays we have had in years.

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