Current Theme: Prepping

I first started thinking about Prepping last year. I came across it as a an activity quite by accident as I surfed the ‘net one day. One of the appealing things is that in planning for some things you can prevent yourself a lot of stress and angst as shown in my previous post about our trip though Derbyshire on Boxing Day; (still feeling smug about that one).

The more I ponder it though, the more it seems like too big a job.  I know that inaction will definitely not help me out in the future where a few minutes a effort a day might. I have resolved to start thinking on a small scale as I am not yet ready to go all out full on bugging out to the middle of nowhere yet.

The first scenario I had in mind a few days ago when I first wrote about prepping is electricity failure. Although it is rare where I live it happens occasionally due to a local substation blowing a fuse. It happened a few days in winter last year. There is a great worry by some that power companies cannot sustain our electricity supply without brownouts in the future so we should all perhaps all plan for a day or few hours without.

Yesterday my friend in a different part of town was off grid twice in the day. She was off for at least 6 hours the second time.

She is lucky in that she has a gas fire because her central heating didn’t work. Also fortunately the weather is mild. It was in day time so she was OK about the lights. She had no way to heat up food or water. She doesn’t read so was bored. She has a small store of candles so would be able to see herself off to bed as night fell.

If I had an electrical failure I have NOT got a gas fire. We have a gas hob so we could warm food and water and if left on keep the kitchen warm, this would be our living room for the duration. I have got candles and torches all over the house for if it happens in the evening and we also have a small laptop that is usually charged to watch a probably one film on before the battery goes.

This is the most likely scenario and we could probably last quite some time without electricity. We have lots of activities that we do without electricity and can charge small items like ereader, phones and mp3 players in the car.

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