New Theme: prepping

For good or bad I am one of life’s planners. Over the last six months one of the thing on my mind is planning for when things have gone up poo creek without a paddle. Out in the world there are already likewise thinkers who vary from the keep enough food for three days and keep the petrol topped up types to full on apocalypse planning.

I am, in my usual style, an in-betweener.

It helps to know that I have had my fair share of disasters but have managed to pull through. Last year I started thinking but did very little apart from make sure I had blankets, first aid, spare clothes and snow shoes in the car. The snow shoes made my DH smirk every time he saw them, then…….

Boxing day this year we went to Manchester to visit family. It rained a bit on the way up and was raining heavily when we left. On the way home there were five of us in the car. DH, DD, nephews Nos 1 and 4. by the time we got to the edge of Stockport we were in sleet, by the time we got to Glossop it was full on big flaky stuff and the roads were building up. It was dark. We should maybe have turned back but as the snow had only been falling for a few hours thought it was likely we would get home. It took us two hours to get to Buxton and then we couldn’t get out. the roads were laden with snow, the verges piled up and it was still falling. It was keep trying to go or try to get a place for the night in Buxton.

This is where the gloating comes in. I had fashion boots on, the others had boots or trainers. We parked in Buxton and got out the car. It was freezing and I was all over the place. I donned my warm coat from the boot, I shared an array of  scarves and gloves from my stash, I put on my snow chains and boy did they make a difference. We traipsed around Buxton looking for a place to stay and managed to get a room at a hotel. We were lucky.

I was grateful to my £5.00 Aldi snow chains which made walking round so easy and deciding to stop trying to get home was wise, we had the last room in that hotel and could have ended up seeping in the car.

20141227_Buxton_in_Snow3 20141227_Buxton_in_Snow8

A potential disaster turned into an adventure – thanks to planning.

So I have have decided to go a little further and plan for some bigger eventualities. Most likely for me is flood. I live close to a river that occasionally bursts its banks.

I think electric failure is also a possibility. Occasionally we lose power, a few time sof year for a short time. my house is powered by electricity, including the gas central heating. What would, should we do if the electrics fail? I would be able to cook (gas hob) but nothing else.

Another is the burst pipe scenario: Locally to me a whole suburb was without water one morning because pipes had burst. there was no warning and people couldn’t get a cup of tea, wash etc.

Finally. If we are all sick: what happens then? Flu epidemics are rife, I don’t want to have to worry about shopping for basics if I and my family are ill. I don’t want my vulnerable in- laws coming round, both are prone to bad chests.

So there it is. I will be in with what I have been up to every now and again as I update my current themes.

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