Current Themes – an update

Health and Fitness: True to form, nothing has changed. This is my traditional time of year for losing weight and getting a bit fitter. My birthday has passed and I can outside more. This year I have recruited a weight loss buddy. She and I have both got a good lot to lose and are rubbish at doing it on our own. We meet to eat on Wednesday to talk about what we are going to do.

In the meantime I am fighting hormones. Each time of month I get the munchies really bad and can’t seem to fill up. This used to be for a few days but now it lasts for weeks. In addition I am going though a period of tiredness which is also a recurrent monthly pain in the a**. It is the tiredness you get when you just get pregnant. Total and overwhelming. It will pass but the combination of munchies and tiredness make me want to eat eat eat.

On a more positive note. I have been working on the allotment most weekends which is contributing to overall an improved feeling of well being.

Making Money: I had a meet up with my business buddy last month, sorted our table display out to make it merge better and we went to a warehouse to get some stuff to sell. I love warehouses but they are dangerous. I spent more than I expected to but kept the things I knew would sell rather than trying out new stuff this time. We are planning our next year  and hope to get started earlier than June.

Otherwise –  the survey filling and point making on various sites continues and the not having to pay council tax and water for a few months has boosted my savings. Things are going well and I am on track to be able to pay for the trip to San Francisco this year.

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