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Current Themes – an update

Health and Fitness: I am  happy to report an improvement with overall health. I have spent a few hours a week over at the allotments doing physical stuff plus fast walks with my DH which started last week but have been … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse

In 1999 I saw my first proper eclipse. At that time I was off on maternity leave and went to Arbor Low in the Peak District. It was one of the strangest experiences of my life. Thanks you to English … Continue reading

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Little Pleasures of Life: hot buttered crumpets

I have lots of things in life which bring me joy and little moments of happiness. Hot buttered crumpets is one of those treats. Locally they are known as Pikelets

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Happy Mother’s Day – Appreciate your Mothers

Image from Mothers Day ad for The Bristol Arms, Shotley.  Thank you I am fortunate to have the best Mother in law a woman could have. My own mother died when I was 18 months old. My step mum did her … Continue reading

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Current Theme: Prepping

I first started thinking about Prepping last year. I came across it as a an activity quite by accident as I surfed the ‘net one day. One of the appealing things is that in planning for some things you can … Continue reading

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RIP Terry Pratchett

Sad that Terry Pratchett has died  – Goodbye Terry and thanks for showing us the Colour of Magic. Hope Death makes room for Terry on Binky.

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New Theme: prepping

For good or bad I am one of life’s planners. Over the last six months one of the thing on my mind is planning for when things have gone up poo creek without a paddle. Out in the world there … Continue reading

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Current Themes – an update

Health and Fitness: True to form, nothing has changed. This is my traditional time of year for losing weight and getting a bit fitter. My birthday has passed and I can outside more. This year I have recruited a weight loss … Continue reading

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Nothing stays the same forever – thankfully

What do you mean where have I been? Alright, you got me, I am a rubbish blogger. Not the sort that will ever make any money at it. Actually there have been all sorts of things affecting me of late. … Continue reading

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