Liking Right Now: Eddie Redmayne

I have seen two films at the cinema, both starring Eddie Redmayne.

Now he isn’t anyone I fancy and I wasn’t going to both films because he was in them. I didn’t even know he was in Jupiter Ascending.

The first, The Theory of Everything was really a gentle romance rather than a science film. Shame really but I suppose it had mass appeal. I believe he did a good job portraying Professor Stephen Hawking and he deserves all the prizes for his performance.

The second was Jupiter Ascending,. this is a sci fi film from the Wachowskis (Lana and Andy) who were responsible for at least two of the Matrix films and Cloud Atlas, one of my favourite movies. here is the Wiki exsplanation of what it  is about


In this film it mustbe said that Eddie hammed it up pretty well as a  baddie; it was hard to take him seriously.

The film has not had great reviews despite it’s cast including Sean ‘can’t do no wrong’ Bean as well as Eddie

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