The best laid plans are mostly working out

I started the year with an optimistic list of things to do and that optimism still holds but as usual things do get in the way.

Clear clutter: This is happening slowly but surely. Before Christmas I was very fed up and immobile mentally. The house is stacked up with boxes of stuff and piles of clutter were growing like bacteria on every surface. I have a strategy of working from one end of the house to the other and this is working.

Make do and mend: Not done any of this yet – will be recycling some old baby cots down the allotment later.

Attention to health and weight loss: This week I have been writing down what I eat ( it is awful and loaded with chocolate) but first weigh in of the New Year shows a loss of 3lb. This had been achieved by general cutting down around Christmas. I have been out on the allotment for 3 hours on NY day. This was hard labour; clearing overgrown carpet and wood from behind the shed. Forced myself to go out Friday but had a good dance.

Money making to achieve the big dreams: Not doing badly here. Started  a little challenge to save £2015 in 2015. Already put £123.00 in. Unfortunately on New Years day I got a parking ticket. Most annoying but that’s what being in a hurry gets you. That is £35.00 down and exactly the sort of thing I was wanting to avoid.Bank charges are another thing that eat in to my savings. I have got myself down to one credit card and am clearing that each month. I did have things too complicated so I have simplified.

Get organised: This will be the next thing after the post Christmas clear up.

Prepping: Resetting the car today after using all the prep equipment on Boxing day being stranded in Buxton because of the amazing amount of snow. This could have been a disaster with 5 of us in the car, but apart from the expense of a hotel overnight ( I will have their number in my mobile before the day is out) it was an adventure instead. My DH laughed at my snow chains last year. Now he is glad I had them ( as am I).

Not a bad start. things I haven’t done yet is record anything on Spark people. It is pointless while there is still Christmas food being eaten so will start this in the next week. Still kicking myself over the parking ticket. Overall I think I am OK;  not in debt, got enough to clear my credit card after all my outgoings although it will be tight and I have everything I really need.

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