New Year – Old Themes

It is of course a new year which brings on the need to make promises which fall by the wayside.

I am as much a culprit as anyone else. I think one of the problems is that I have along list of things I want to change and then get overwhelmed or give up as soon as I fail the first time.

The list this year is:

Clear clutter

Make do and mend

Attention to health and weight loss ( 3 stone overweight).

Continue with money making to achieve the big dreams. (ongoing)

Get organised: birthdays, credit card payments and such like

Prepping: I started this last year. Small scale with snow chains and blankets and food in the car and spare food and water for the house. it came in handy I’ll tell you.

Have more fun. I am way too serious.

There is  lot on this list but I am not doing it all at once. Some are combined projects anyway. I am going to attend to one thing at a time until good habits are formed.

January is a health and weight loss month. Everyone else will be trying to lose weight and I don’t usually bother until after my birthday mid February. This time I am looking at lifestyle changes to be permanent, not a cut it all out then fail approach. I am not committing to exercise: 3 X week isn’t going to work. I hate formal exercise.

So I have registered with Spark people to record food, weight and exercise.

I am going to my friends allotment today. I have commandeered a small patch to grow my own and will record here how I get on. Getting both excercise and food doing something useful seems less waste of effort. Today we are clearing glass and looking at moving a compost heap as well as digging my patch over.

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