Current Themes: An update

Health and fitness: No change in weight but have been poorly sick with a disgusting cough. I actually had to take time off work, unheard of. Better now but have not got back to the exercise regime I had before August.

Making Money: Have had a cheque and some Paypal cash from a few survey sites. I have not maintained my usual level of survey filling and video watching as i have been ill or busy. I did manage to get to a few Christmas events to sell stuff but as my business is in the red this made a very small difference to that. I did manage to save a good amount last month which will help cover Christmas and I got a little bit of tax back which will also go into the pot.

I am not so desperate to make money to get into Black Friday like scrum, so I’ll quietly get on with it.

I have had some craft ideas which i hope will clear my cluttermongongous stash and bring in a bit of money.

That is if for now.

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