Current Theme – Making Money – Why?

Now I am not a person who is particularly interested in money on the whole. I am usually happy with a good book, food and roof. Most of my youth was spent in poverty so I have a fine  appreciation of the simple things. So why the interest in making money now?

I have been working for nearly 30 and am looking to retire in seven years at  the age of 55, (when I can get a small pension). There are some other things I want to do before I retire because afterwards i may not be free to do so. More of that in a later post.

Other plans:

Pay off Mortgage

Take a year off for travelling

Plan for financial security in retirement, enough for all the things in the first line and the odd holiday/emergency.

For the first two alone I need to have about £90,000.


I started looking at alternative income streams a year ago. i already sell stuff at fairs and have also done on Ebay in the past but I changed jobs and couldn’t maintain the pace.

I currently have a few small income streams that pay for books and the like in vouchers and cashed via Paypal vouchers. I call these my dailies and spend about an hour and half watching videos, filling in surveys and searching the web for cash. I don’t have time for much more than that.

I have organised my money so I have taken advantage of a some of the banking offers for new accounts/ savings accounts. may wage goes through two accounts before reaching it’s final destination.

I over pay one of the two mortgages and it is going down nicely.

I manage to save some money each month.

This week I have been looking at what I have been doing and realise that I am not going to be earning the amounts I need.

I do all the usual things like watch my shopping and bills,swapping and changing products as necessary.


A plan of sorts:

Go back on Ebay with a few simple things to sell and have an income stream from that. Limits to this are storage space and time. It has to be something I can stop and restart as going away for a year.

Start a new business. I have a variety of ideas but need to make a start. One of the easiest may be to read and write letters for people. This may not be the obvious thing but like an Ebay business it can be stopped and started with minimal fuss, is flexible around my time and has variety. I have done a lot of this already for free for people in debt and/or dealing with the benefits system. I don’t expect to make a lot of money but it would be another source.

Finally for the time being. Many people make money from blog writing. I have only just started and don’t know if I can keep it up, but if I can, another source of income maybe already being begun.


That is it for now. its Sunday so a bit of cleaning and prep for work tomorrow is required.



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