Current theme: fitness and weight loss

This current theme is connected to my dreams to travel. I have always been overweight but fit for much of my life. I would say all that changed when I had my daughter 15 years ago. Before then I had already injured my back. After she was born it gave out completely and I lost my fitness. Since then I have never fully got back my fitness, compounded by a chaotic homelife and working nights.

I have known for a long time that I needed to do something about it. In July DH and I began exercising. We started with beginners aerobics class called combat aerobics. After four weeks we added a second class, circuit training for a few weeks. We lasted until August when life got in the way and then we went holiday for two weeks. It is now November and we have not been back.

Although it seems like we wasted our time I can tell you that we both noticed a massive difference in our fitness levels. I was able to walk 3 miles at a fast pace in September without stopping, getting too puffed out to talk and could have carried on for longer. I did a similar walk on Wednesday and I am still sore. My back, hips and overall muscle pain has stopped me in my tracks.

Now I know what to do. I am sure you are shouting it to me to get off my bum and I will in due course. Into the mix I throw in hormone disruption equaling weeks of tiredness and general joint pain and muscle pain. I obviously realise that the above symptoms will be relieved by exercise as will my high blood pressure and the risk of diabetes. There, all my excuses are on the table. None of them will stop me, maybe just slow me down a bit.

In short, there is no point in dreaming about travel if I won’t enjoy it. So over the next few months I update here regarding health and fitness.


Restart dividing food and exercise on Sparkpeople
Ccommit to one night of formal exercises week.
Cuttered out the cake. (I did,n’t get like this by just not exercising you know, it takes work to maintain this level of fitness)


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